Welcome to Vowels & Vultures!

About the Blog

This blog started off as a university capstone website complete with a work showcase and resume, and although I graduated in 2014, I decided to maintain the blog as a platform to discuss all kinds of (hopefully) interesting topics.

That said, I’ve become a birder in the past couple of years, and I’m hoping to write more on my (mis)adventures, though I will occasionally write about current events and a few other topics.

Why Vultures? Because they’re rad. And not as loved as they should be. That’s why.

About the Author: Stefany Boleyn

I’m a mid-20’s writer/birder/bird sanctuary caretaker/actor/singer/dancer/children’s librarian in training/advocate/awkward person. Have fun figuring that out 🙂

Basically, I like birds and books, and I occasionally pretend to be other people on stage.




1 thought on “About”

  1. I found your blog on the BUGs list. I like the “lifelong learner” tagline. Whether we state it or not we all are learning something throughout our life, so it is great to embrace it. We will learn more if we are on the lookout for that learning.


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