Daily Prompt: Relocating Reflections

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What does it mean to relocate?

We can relocate our lives. We can take new jobs and move to a new city, state, or country. We can move within our own city and feel as though we’re relocating.IMG_9985

I’ve recently moved from a townhome into an apartment in the city, and I feel like I’ve moved halfway across the country.

We can even relocate our relationships, in a way. We can change our focus, we can move away from relationships that are causing us harm. We can move toward relationships that provide value for our lives.

I’ve had quite a few people relocate in my life, some people who are very close to me. Some relocations by choice, others by necessity.

Personally, I love moving. I always reach for a chance for a fresh start. I love being able to start over and say, “let’s go.”

I kind of see “relocate” as “restart” or “refresh.”

This can happen at any time, even in the middle of a day.

You can physically move, you can move your thinking, you can move your focus in your life.

You can relocate.



The Bubble of Ignorance – Part 2

Okay, firstly, I hadn’t intended on publishing something twice in a row. This is my 100th post, and it’s not what I envisioned sharing. But this is the world we live in now, and I can’t make happy, woo, cutesy posts when our world is continuing to face terrible acts of injustice, murder, and hatred.

Over two years ago, I wrote and later published a post about my feelings on the so-called Islamic State.

In those two years, my knowledge and understanding about how they work has grown.

I’ve started speaking out more about them, as well as many other injustices happening around the world. Since publishing that post, I have made an effort to not live in my bubble of ignorance. I’ve started protesting and educating myself and people around me about what’s going on. I’ve become particularly passionate about what’s going on in Syria.

Okay, enough intro. Here’s my follow up on The Bubble of Ignorance, especially in the wake of the attack on the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Once again, it’s unedited because I just wrote it.

Here you sit, in your bubble of ignorance.

I suppose it’s better than indifference and apathy.

But you laugh at me

When I call you out.

“What more can I do?” You say, as you scroll through Facebook endlessly.

Your thoughts and prayers are with them, you say,

When in actuality,

You’re hoping that I just go away

And let you return

To your bubble of ignorance.

Because you can’t be blamed for not acting

When you simply didn’t know

About the killing

Or the drilling

Or the missing

Or the chilling scenes of death, despair, and destruction

That flood my Facebook feed, but somehow you’ve tailored your feed

To only show you things you want to see.

That’s fair,

But you know what isn’t?

That you get to sit happily in your bubble of ignorance

While PEOPLE in Syria

And around the world

Are crying


Are trying to get to safety.

Are risking everything for their family.

When all you risk is your “image.”

“Facebook should be about happy things,” you say.

Fine, and by the way,

Your privilege says, “Hey.”

You can’t rush away from this injustice.

Now, trust us,

You’ll be asking for trouble

If you’re caught

Sitting in your bubble

Of ignorance.

The Open Mic

Ten feet away, an idol stands at a microphone in front of her.

The idol announces that her turn is up in 3, and she isn’t sure

whether she’s ready.

She’s never been one to be so real

in front of strangers, and she doesn’t want to steal

the spotlight from people

whose stories matter more than hers.

Not that she thinks she’s any good.

It’s the opposite. She supposes she could

decide to leave or withdraw, but she sticks it out.

She practically blacks out during the next two sets,

but she tries to focus.

The man before her is powerful

with a message that empowers.

Will her message empower?


But it’s her turn.

The idol returns and announces that she’s up.

Is that really her name? It sounds unnatural, and she wants to throw up.

But she stands up

and faces the open mic.


I did my very first open mic the other night. I read Stubborn and Enough. I think it went well, but it was terrifying. Thanks to everyone who supported me that night, and special thanks to Kristine for taking me.

A Journey to Tiny Hands

A lone bag slouches on a shelf.A bunny bag sits on a shelf. Others sit below it.

Filled with books, all ready for tiny hands.

It sits.

And sits.

And waits.

A lone being approaches the bag, smiling.

It lifts the bag and brings it to a cart.

It’s filled with other, bigger bags.

A day passes.

The bags wait.

The being returns and moves the cart to a vehicle

Where it loads the bags and cart.

The vehicle moves for what seems like ages.

It stops.

The being is back, and it lifts the bag and carries it into a house.

After some time, the tiny hands appear.

Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, too many to count.

They empty the bag.

Waiting to be refilled, it sits on the floor, satisfied that it has brought the books to the tiny hands.

A month passes.

The being returns.

The bag is refilled,

Reset in the vehicle,

Transported home,

Cleaned, and set on the shelf

Where it will wait for the next being who will transport it to new sets of tiny hands.

Three Cheers for Two Years

When I got the notification that I’ve been on WordPress for two years, I was kind of surprised. It feels like I’ve been blogging forever, and it’s weird to think that I used to hate blogs.WP Anniversary.JPG

Looking back at the blogging goals I set for myself this time last year, I can definitely tell the effect starting grad school has had on this blog.

I did really well for the first half of the year, in my opinion, but as school started, my writings faded down to maybe once a month.

Over the course of the year, I’ve created series, added more pictures and media, and for a while, I did have a regular schedule.

The goals are still good ones I would like to keep in mind as I move forward, but I still might not post to this blog as consistently as I want to while I’m still a grad student.

Hopefully I will still update this blog somewhat regularly, but I am quite busy now that school is in full swing.

I hope you have enjoyed the past two years with me, and I hope you continue checking in with me every now and then.

For now, you can follow me at Earth Lib Perspectives, a fun blog I’ve created to fulfill a requirement for a class. I will be updating that blog weekly throughout the spring semester with postings for assignments, book reviews, and more.

Happy Reading!

Past and Present: Blogging Goals

Friday was the anniversary of my first blog post here (and ever!) on Past and Present: Writings from Stefany Boleyn, a Lifelong Learner.

Over the year, I have set goals for myself to develop this blog further. I’ve changed the subtitle from “Writings from a University Senior” to “Writings from a Lifelong Learner” to “Writings from Stefany Boleyn, a Lifelong Learner.” I have also changed the theme once and tried to create a more user-friendly page.

My ultimate goal was to stick with it. Though some major life events (aka graduating and getting married) hindered me from writing monthly, I am proud of what I have so far.

image (8)

My assistant, Razo, should help me keep these goals.

I fully plan on growing this blog further, and to do so, I have set some goals for myself:

ONE // Create a regular schedule

Honestly, I’m more of an editor than I am a writer. My posts spend a minimum of a week to an eternity in the drafting and editing stages. I don’t write about easy topics usually, and I have to develop my ideas, research them, and put them in some organized fashion before I schedule the post to publish. And especially since this isn’t a full-time project (I work two other jobs and am applying to graduate school), I sometimes forget to finalize my drafts.

However, my goal is to write at least four posts a month (hopefully 1/week on the same day). Ideally, I would eventually get to a point where I publish a post every other day with a regular schedule.

This goal will hopefully help me to a) create more content for you, the reader and b) to help myself learn to stick to quick deadlines.

TWO// Shorten posts

Whether it comes from harsher editing or from making one long post into a series, I need to stop creating walls of text for you to read.

THREE// Add more media

Even when I’m trying to keep them short, my posts can get rather lengthy (apologies), and adding pictures can help ease the eyesore that is a wall of text. My main goal is to take more original photos (rather than recycling old ones) for each post and to have at least one featured image per post.

FOUR// Participate in Blogging U

Hopefully I will be able to do both Blogging 101 and 201. Currently, I’m registered for Blogging 101, so I’m already halfway there!

With these goals in mind, I’m excited to see what Past and Present looks like a year from now!

Do you blog? Do you create goals for your blog, go with the flow, or something else? Let me know in the comments!

Past and Present: Year One

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been a year since my capstone class required me to create a website, and I decided that, since I’m an English major, why not do a blog instead?

As a writer, I thought having a static website where the only examples of my writing were from academic essays was kind of pointless. I believe that I should create content that is less formal to go along with the formal essays. This blog keeps me writing, keeps me thinking, and keeps me learning.

After about a month, I've finally got my work space up and running!

After about a month, I’ve finally got my work space up and running!

Deciding to create a blog rather than a website made sense to me. Not only am I able to provide links to my academic work, but I am also able to show that I am continuing to write beyond graduation. Best of all, I am able to write about topics and issues that I care about.

I never took myself to be a person who could blog, and before I started, I had only ever followed one blog… but here I am, a year into it, and I love it.

After 41 posts (42 counting this one), I can’t believe how far that it’s come.

I’m constantly drafting out posts and writing ideas down. Though not all of my ideas get published, I’m happy with the content that now lives here on my WordPress page.

On Sunday, I’ll list out my goals for developing Past and Present further.

Thanks for reading thus far! Is there anything you want me to write about or would like to see on this blog? Let me know in the comments!