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Grad School: Event Organizing

Everyone has their own way of keeping track of upcoming events. My husband didn't use any sort of calendar, planner, agenda, etc. at all during his time at university. How he managed that, search me... All truth be told, I didn't even have a planner until around my junior year of university. But as I got… Continue reading Grad School: Event Organizing

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On Making Change

Every person has the ability to make change in their own way. Many people choose to use their voice. Some voices are louder than others. Some are more articulate and thought-through. Some are emotional. Some are timid. I know people who use their ability to captivate an audience to their advantage. They are able to… Continue reading On Making Change


Physical Books Might Be Better For Students

While on Facebook earlier this week, I came across this article. It says that "our brains were not designed for reading, but have adapted and created new circuits to understand letters and texts. The brain reads by constructing a mental representation of the text based on the placement of the page in the book and the word on… Continue reading Physical Books Might Be Better For Students

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On Following Your Heart and Not Your Education System

This comic and blog post on zenpencils.com started out on the On My Radar post for Week 3. However, as I started talking about it, I found a bit of passion that I hadn't been able to express in writing, and it became a bit long for an On My Radar post. So, I decided to give… Continue reading On Following Your Heart and Not Your Education System


Why Do Opinions Matter?

In my fairly brief lifetime, I've come across some fairly abysmal and horrifying opinions. I've been told to ignore the opinions that don't align with mine, and I've also been told to listen to each opinion. I know people with who believe that listening to other opinions is akin to poison, but I've never understood why.… Continue reading Why Do Opinions Matter?


A Case for Writing by Hand

Can you imagine trying to make it through university without being able to write by hand to take notes? I sure can't. I thought administrators in education might've been going too far with suggesting cursive should be removed from formal education. However, the possible removal of an emphasis on handwriting seems ridiculous. I doubt I'm… Continue reading A Case for Writing by Hand