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On Teamwork and Libraries

Last week, the library system I work for held their annual Staff Day, which worked like a mini conference for all of our employees. I had a great time, and I left feeling validated and excited for my future in libraries. Below are some of the main concepts and ideas I took away from the… Continue reading On Teamwork and Libraries

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News and Nightmares

I'm one of those people who has at least one dream every night. Usually I average two or three, and I typically remember most details from them. For the most part, I have good dreams, but there was a solid two weeks where I had nothing but nightmares. I blame the news. My current living situation… Continue reading News and Nightmares

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Thoughts: Clark Gable Slept Here

Last week I had the chance to see Clark Gable Slept Here written by Michael McKeever and directed by Bryan Fonseca at The Phoenix Theatre. Aside from the amazing acting (as to be expected), I was very happy to have several interesting topics emerge. 1. Does it really matter if someone enormously famous is gay?  Without giving away too… Continue reading Thoughts: Clark Gable Slept Here


Why I Joined a Sorority as a Senior

Firstly, I didn't join a sorority that has been on my campus for ages.  I joined a colony (which is hard work); a sorority just coming to my university. Along with around 90 other women, I struggled to help my sorority establish itself on our campus. My situation is a bit unique. I started at… Continue reading Why I Joined a Sorority as a Senior


One-Hundred Dollars to Solve a Problem

You have been given a $100 to come up with a solution to a local problem/need. This semester, I took an Introduction to Mentoring course, where I was asked to come up with a $100 Dollar Solution. If you haven't heard of it, click here. I thought I would share my solution, as I think… Continue reading One-Hundred Dollars to Solve a Problem