Reflecting is a major part of living, especially as a student. People sometimes describe their time at university as a blur, and I didn’t want that to happen. I took up journaling a couple of years ago, and I loved any opportunity I could take to reflect on my experiences. Below, you will find two sections. One will include a reflection essay I wrote for my Capstone. The other will discuss my time as a Sam H. Jones Community Partner Scholar.


For my English Capstone class, we are required to write an integrative reflection. It should be a reflection on my growth as a writer during my time at university. Here is the first paragraph. To read more, follow this link.

Here’s the introduction:

Writing is an active process; no writer has ever reached their full potential, and there is always room for personal growth. I should know this. As a senior studying the liberal arts, I have had many opportunities to write in numerous formats. I am proud of some of my work. While some still is not as good as I would like it to be, I think each paper I wrote gave me the chance to grow as a writer. The lessons I learned after submitting each assignment not only filled me with some mixture of dread and hope, but also they gave me the tools I needed to continue my growth as a writer. Quite honestly, the pieces I wrote for classes outside the realm of my major study in English were often ones that I not only enjoyed writing, but they were also the ones that helped me grow as a writer the most—not to mention the higher grades I received in my non-major classes. The lessons I’ve learned transcend the grade value received, and they give me motivation for the future. My story is one of growth; from inexperienced freshman to young senior, I will travel through the ghosts of lessons past to find the capstone of a liberal arts education.

Sam H. Jones Community Partner Scholar:

Becoming a Community Partner Scholar was probably one of the greatest strokes of luck that has ever hit anyone in history. I never formally applied to join the Community Partner Scholar Program (CPS); I originally applied to be a Fugate Scholar. By an interesting turn of events within the Center for Service and Learning at IUPUI, they offered me to join CPS, which paid more in tuition money. Paying almost completely out of pocket to attend university, I was happy to change my focus. The opening in the program was to work at Haughville Branch Library, on the Near West Side of Indianapolis. I had never really thought about working in a library before, but as the two years past, I realized that I loved the environment. My goal is to attend graduate school to study Library and Information Science. My ultimate goal is to help libraries evolve in order to meet the changing needs of their patrons.

As a part of the program, we were asked to create a digital story to reflect on our experience. The first digital story I created was presented at the Robert G. Bringle Civic Engagement Showcase & Symposium. The second one was due to be presented at the next symposium, but due to technical difficulties, it didn’t present.


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