Senior Project Plan/Proposal

Senior Project Proposal—Stefany Boleyn


Spring, 2014


After attending the fifteenth annual White Privilege Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, I have decided to focus my research on white privilege. More specifically, I will focus on how white privilege and racism affect the experience of students of color at university.


I want to explore what white privilege is, what it looks like on a university campus, how it affects students of color, and what could possibly be done to combat it.


I will survey multiple students from IUPUI, as well as anyone else who wishes to fill out the online survey I have created. This will be used to gain an understanding on current beliefs on white privilege.

I will use this article by Peggy McIntosh to discuss what white privilege is, and I will also use other articles on the subject, some of which relate to white privilege in schools.

I will, of course, bring in other outside books, articles, and resources.


I will write a research paper that will state how things are now and how they might improve.


14 April—visit University Writing Center

16 April—turn in final version


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