Completed Project

For my English Capstone class, we had to write a senior research essay. I decided to write my paper over white privilege. Here is an excerpt from the introduction of my senior project. To read the whole project, please click here. To look through the survey responses, please click here.

“While attending primary school in the Midwestern United States, Sally, a female who identifies as white, learns in history class about the history of the people who share her race. She learns about how white settlers helped create her country and craft it into what it is today. After school, she walks the half a mile home with a group of friends who live nearby, without any fear. When she arrives home, she turns on the television and, though she may not know it, she watches shows and commercials where people of her race are widely represented. Sally’s mother can easily buy toys and picture books for Sally depicting their race, and while shopping for these items, she can be assured that she will not be followed or harassed.

Both Sally and her mother do not have to think about their race when making choices, going shopping, watching television, walking down the road, going to the hospital, while in class, at work, or out and about. When they meet new people, the first thing that pops into the mind of the person they meet is most likely not race. Sally and her mother, being white, have certain privileges that come with being white that allow them not to have to think about their race. They experience white privilege. It is no fault of their own that they experience this; simply, it is how they were born. The same can most likely be said for every single person who is white in this country, even when class differences are taken into account.”


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